Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Author Susan Schuyler Walker

Hello. I am a graduate of Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College, and am a retired English teacher, editor, technical writer, and curriculum developer. An active member of my local Audubon chapter, I enjoy birding and am also an avid long-distance bicyclist.

I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with my husband Jeffrey, a dynamic and dedicated professor of English. We have two beautiful daughters for whom my first book, The Snarl, the Cob, & the Pflug, was originally written. For years, the book languished in a drawer, out of sight and out of mind. But then I found Hannah Tuohy, my illustrator, and through her discovered CreateSpace.

I am what is known as an "Indie" author, which means that my books are created by me, independent of a publishing house. I design and create the books myself, using my editing background and the tools available on Amazon's CreateSpace. I collaborate with Hannah Tuohy to create the picture books, which star our house cats Ted and Pad. Obviously, Hannah is responsible for the lion's share of the effort that goes into these books where the illustrations, as well as the text, tell the story.

CreateSpace is an "on-demand" service, meaning that when the buyer orders the book, a copy is printed and mailed. This print-on-demand method cuts out the risk that publishers take when they print and warehouse say, 10,000 books of one title, and then must advertise and scramble to sell those books to make up their expenses.

Children's books available to date are The Snarl, the Cob, & the Pflug and six picture books:

Teddy Tales "I Can Read" series
-- Ted & Pad
-- Ted & Pad at the Lake
-- Teddy and Paddy on Vacay

Teddy Tales Holiday series
-- Ted & Pad Trick-or-Treat 

-- No Turkey for Teddy
-- Ted & Pad Celebrate Christmas

In addition to these children's books I have published an adult non-fiction book about my bicycle travels: Coast When Ya Kin: 30 Years "Behind Bars" 

All of my books are described, rated, and available on demand through amazon.com.  Originally Snarl and Coast were available on Kindle, but I did not like the way Kindle separated pictures from captions and laid out the pages, so these titles are no longer available on Kindle.

You can learn more about each book by clicking on the titles under "Books" top right. 

If you order and read some of these books to your children or grandchildren or if you read the adult travel book, please help me promote my titles by reviewing them on amazon.com. Thank you!

Since this web page is actually a blog, if you wish to contact me, please post a comment below. 


  1. Great! Can't wait to get your latest, especially the bicycle adventures. Thank you, my sistah!

  2. Loved the book about bicycle touring. I've done some long distance touring and thought about writing a book, but I'm not as skilled as you are.