No Turkey for Teddy
No Turkey for Teddy started out as simple Thanksgiving booklet I created to thank the vets at our local Stillwater Cat Clinic for caring for our cat, Teddy. Teddy has inflammatory bowel disease, something that can be controlled but not cured. But then I thought of all the children out there who have food allergies who might enjoy Ted's story. So I decided to let Hannah Tuohy, the illustrator of The Snarl, the Cob, & the Pflug help me turn the booklet into an illustrated picture book. Click on the title above or find at amazon.com

Ted & Pad Trick- or-Treat
Ted & Pad Trick-or-Treat began as a Halloween card to our Stillwater Cat Clinic vets. But when I saw how much No Turkey for Teddy was loved, with Hannah's help, I converted the card to a picture book in much the way I had the Thanksgiving booklet.
     In this little story, Ted & Pad invite their cousins Bob and Tom to trick-or-treat with them. The four cats carve pumpkins, drink cider, and put together their own imaginative costumes. Click on title or find at

Ted & Pad Celebrate Christmas
Ted & Pad Celebrate Christmas is the true tale of our house cats, Ted and Pad, who love Christmas. Each year the two eagerly await the holidays, and particularly Christmas. They love to sip the tree water, pounce on the tissue paper, beg for a bite of Christmas roast, and empty their Christmas stockings, which they do all by themselves, the delicious smell of catnip leading them on Christmas morning unerringly to their stockings, which are hung in the same place each year. Click on title or find on amazon.com

All of the books in the Teddy Tales Holiday series and Teddy Tales "I Can Read" series star our two house cats, Teddy and Paddy.

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