The Snarl, the Cob & the Pflug
  I wrote The Snarl, the Cob, & the Pflug years ago. At the time my family and I lived in San Bernardino, CA, Jeff having accepted a three-year terminal position with the English Dept. of Cal State San Bernardino.
  Because we had stored all of our possessions in Pennsylvania, and had moved with only "the clothes on our backs" we house hopped from one house to another, generally those houses of professors on sabbatical.   During this three-year adventure, we lived in five different houses. I think that my desire for a more permanent house, morphed into the story line of The Snarl, the Cob & the Pflug.
  Remembering how much I enjoyed being read to each night as a child, I had been reading a chapter a night to Jessica and Lucy from the time they could understand. We romped through all of the Oz, Narnia, Freddy the Pig, Uncle Remus, Chester Cricket, and Harry Cat series, as well as some other classics such as Stuart Little, Winnie the Pooh, The Wind in the Willows, and Charlotte's Web. 
    When the girls hankered for another bedtime book, I decided to write a chapter book of my own, and thus The Snarl, the Cob & the Pflug was born. In the book, Charlie Snarly, a hair tangle; C.C., a house spider; and Pflug (silent"P"), a dustball (because this is what dustballs have always been called in our house), become friends united in the goal of reaching a safe, quiet home in the Jones's attic without being killed, eaten, stepped on, or vacuumed up. 
     I read each chapter of the manuscript to the girls as I developed it, and their questions and reactions helped guide the story. It is the first book that I formatted and published though CreateSpace and the first book on which I collaborated with Hannah Tuohy, my illustrator. The Snarl is still one of my daughters' and my favorites.
    The book is also appropriate for children who can read. Click on the title above to find The Snarl, the Cob & the Pflug on 

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