Childhood on the Schoharie

A heartfelt recollection of the author's childhood summers and two winters at her grandfather's fishing camp on Schoharie Creek in upstate new York.

In the 1950s, postwar joblessness forces the family of seven to move year-round into the camp. Isolated down a narrow dirt lane, miles from neighbors and a nearby village, and with few amenities, her parents struggle to feed and clothe the family and to fit in to a small-town community.

The author--middle child of five and only seven at the outset--remembers this time with a mixture of joy and tears. Childhood joy at the freedom and wonder of life in the wild, and tears on looking back at her parents' struggle. The memoir, interspersed with excerpts of personal letters written by the author's mother to her sister and mother in New York City, details the hardships, the stamina, the ingenuity, the laughter, and the increasing closeness such hardships bring.

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